The Security Plan

Lights, Data, Action!

How do we do that?

Sometimes you don’t want to buy a certain product for only one job or you just don’t have the funds at the moment, in this case we offer you a solution in the form of rental service. We can provide equipment for almost all of your needs. At Nautikaris next to the purchase of equipment we also offer an range of rental equipment and can provide you with engineers for your every need. Also we can help you with all of your questions and projects so you will know exactly what you will need. We also provide training for ROV’s and maintenance of your equipment.

Which Security Plan is
Right for Your Organization?

Every organization has its own wishes. We try to take this into account as much as possible and therefore offer three different levels from which you can choose:


Basic Security includes the annual maintenance and calibration of your equipment.


At Totale Zekerheid you can work completely carefree! No unexpected costs, optimally maintained equipment with the latest updates, no downtime during maintenance or repair of your equipment and high discounts on our additional services.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the necessary maintenance, the Extra Security Plan also offers additional benefits such as telephone support and a discount on additional services.

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