SeaGuardII DCP

Introducing SeaGuardII DCP:

• Multiparameter Doppler Current Profiler

• Scalable platform – from stand-alone to observatory hub

• Optimal flexibility in programming of data collection

• Intelligent compensation for non-ideal environments

• Increased deployment time – up to 2 years with 30 min. interval

• Smart data quality control • Secure data from site to the office

• Modem support 

The optimal solution to measure directional waves, currents and water quality in one instrument

• Real-time or self-recording with on-board processing of current and wave parameters from a bottom installation

• Independent measurement of waves and currents with flexible set-up

• A wide range of parameters available using Aanderaa plug and play smart sensors

• Easy integration of third-party sensors

Adaptive pulse technology optimizing wave measurement accuracy

• Innovative technology to ensure accurate low noise wave measurement

• Covers the complete wave range (0.2m to 20m) without sacrificing accuracy

• Automatically switches between two broadbands and one narrowband mode depending on wave height

• Samples waves at 2Hz or 4Hz with a configurable integration interval from 5 to 30 minutes

Field proven and validated data

• Comparison and validation using three other methods for wave measurement, including surface buoys

• Possibility to integrate a wave pressure based sensor for redundant measurement and quality assurance

• Most efficient current and wave profiler on the market offering ease of use and proven data quality

• Maximum deployment depth of 40m

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