The GeoAcoustics’ OSM has been in use for over 20 years and is a tried and tested design for mounting sonar equipment on a vessel. The OSM consists of 4 components which together form a reliable and stable mounting platform for sonar equipment such as side scan, bathymetry or sub-bottom profilers. Although designed to work with sonar equipment made by GeoAcoustics Ltd directly, it can be readily adapted to mount equipment made by other manufacturers. The simple, yet rugged design offers clear advantages over other systems employing work drives to raise and lower the pole. A range of GNSS position / heading sensors can be fitted to the top of the OSM.

System Components

The OSM consists of 4 main parts – The boom mounting plate which fixes to the vessel, the stabiliser which provides additional support between the vessel and the bottom shaft to which the sonar head is attached, 3 shafts which interconnect and the sonar head which connects to the bottom shaft.

Boom Mounting Plate
This is fitted flat to the deck of the vessel or if not possible fixed to a thick plank which can then be mounted on the deck and fixed securely. It is mounted at 90° to the keel or direction of travel of the vessel.

This is used to prevent any port / starboard movement of the pole / sonar head and fixes directly to the pole but is not required with a GeoPulse.

Three interconnecting shafts are supplied as part of the OSM. For vessels <15m in length generally only two are needed for correct positioning of the sonar head.

Sonar Head
As standard this fits equipment made by GeoAcoustics but can be easily adapted to accommodate sonars made by other manufacturers with the use of adapter plates.

Optional support arms are available for mounting a range of dual antenna GNSS receivers or combined systems can be mounted directly.

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