ZPulse Doppler Current Sensor


• The stand-alone Doppler Current Profiler Sensor

• The SeaGuardII DCP

• The SeaGuardII DCP Dual Head

• The Modular Seafloor lander with Aanderaa

CTD and single point DCS or DCPS

String System

• Multiple nodes: a combination of DCS and water quality sensors at different levels

• Time synchronization of data

• Complete system connected to one datalogger

• Up to 4 In-line DCS in a string

• Maximum length: 300m

Hyd/Met system

• Combination of hydrological and meterological parameters in one system

• Can be fitted on a buoy or utilized on shore

• Compact and easy to integrate with third party sensors

• Many different options for real-time data transmission

• In-line DCS utilized as sensor hub with water quality sensors connected directly

Berth/Docking system

• Harbour application integration into excisting docking systems

• Current speed information in the critical phases of docking operation

• Provides data on water temperature and salinity affecting loading operation and ballast water

• In use in hundred of harbours world-wide

Winch System

• Quick current profile through the water column

• Provides real-time snap shot of the conditions in the area of

operations such as anchor handling

• Displays real-time current and temperature vs. depth

• Typical operating length is 50m

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