Geopulse Compact- OTS

GeoPulse Compact OTS is a high performance digital sub-bottom profiler. Depending upon the survey task the user can choose waveforms in the frequency band of 2-18kHz, thus optimising resolution and subseafloor penetration. This version is designed for portable mounts on vessels of opportunity.

GeoPulse Compact is a technically advanced sub-bottom profiling system. Its digital processing and waveform selection technology enables the appropriate pulse-shape, power signature and configuration to be selected for the job in hand, whether it’s mapping the geology in deep oceans or determining mud thickness in a silted harbour. The new GeoPulse Compact system combines the best features of continuous wave (Pinger) type systems and frequency modulated pulses in a unit which requires only 11% of the power requirements of previous systems. The system utilities very low noise, state of the art, ADC and amplifier technology. Massive oversampling of the raw signals (800kHz), combined with advanced FPGA based decimation and processing allows the receivers to achieve over 100dB of noise free dynamic range.

Deck Unit
The Deck Unit receives serial inputs from GNSS as well as a PPS input. The deck unit interfaces to the towfish through a soft tow cable. Power is supplied by a 10-30V dc connection allowing the system to be operated from battery power on small vessels.

Sub-Sea Electronics
The waterproof electronics module is manufactured in aluminium and is rated to 1000 metres water depth. Its internal electronics generate and transmit the waveforms selected by the user. The return signals are received either from the integrated hydrophone or from the transducer and are instantly digitised prior to being routed to the Deck Unit via an ADSL link.

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