Salt water Conductivity Sensor


Smart Sensor for easy integration with SeaGuard and SmartGuard, and most loggers or systems 

Direct readout of engineering data 

Rugged and robust with low maintenance needs 

Output format AiCaP CANbus, RS-232/ RS-422 

3 depth ranges available: 300, 3000 and 6000 meters 

 The New High Accuracy Conductivity Sensor from Aanderaa 

Built on the inductive principle, this sensor offers a high initial accuracy of 0.004mS/cm, and lower drift at 0.001 mS/cm per month. This makes it ideal for applications requiring accurate determination of conductivity, temperature and salinity. 

The design is tested extensively in our automated calibration chambers and in the field to ensure that the accuracy spec. Over the last couple of years, the drift of the sensor has been reviewed by placing sensors in different applications and reviewing their accuracy upon their return. They typically drift less than the advertised specification. 

The High Accuracy Conductivity Sensor can be used as a single sensor with most dataloggers or systems over a serial port, or intelligent plug and play with the Aanderaa loggers SeaGuard and SmartGuard. 

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