M850 Self-contained LED Lantern

• Option for standard or wide divergences (for fixed or floating applications)

• Multiple cost-effective battery pack options suitable for a wide variety of installation locations

• Built-in calendar function for automatic deactivation during off-season months

• Top-mounted 4-character LED display with simple »tap to activate« functionality

• Premium grade, UV resistant polycarbonate lens material

• Environmentally friendly, super durable powder-coated aluminium chassis

• Adjustable intensity and range

• IP 68 rated

• GPS synchronized flash option

• Remote monitoring options available


Self-Contained Marine Lanterns

The M850 combines a compact, high-efficiency solar engine with premium components and a rugged design for best-in- class performance at an optimal price.

  • Intuitive Setup & Programming

Top-mounted 4-character LED display and simple “tap to activate” functionality allows users to easily check light settings without the need for an external controller. Built-in calendar function allows for automatic de-activation during off-season months. Programmable with optional IR remote.

  • Scalable, Cost Effective Design

Customizable for best value-for-performance at each installa- tion location. Choose from standard or wide divergences (for fixed or floating applications), and multiple battery pack options.

  • Intelligent Energy Management

Combines best-in-class, high-efficiency solar panels and MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) with Carmanah’s patented Energy Management System (EMS) for maximum battery life and light performance in even the harshest of environments.

  • Durable, Low Maintenance

Integrated solar panels, battery, electronics,and LED light source are combined in a compact, stand-alone, maintenance- free unit. Easily replaceable battery extends service life well beyond five years

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