Continuous monitoring of water quality in marine waters faces the arduous task of collecting accurate field data.

Despite the availability of state of-the-art water quality sensors, water quality monitoring faces biofouling challenges in the marine environment. Unlike in the past when toxic chemicals were used to combat biofouling,

only non-hazardous environment solutions are permitted in most countries.

• Designed and optimized for biocidal sterilization with high efficiency UV-C (278nm) LED with 10mW high power.

• The built-in controller design (Simple to use with an external power connection).

“With Barnakil, data quality from continuous monitoring by Aanderaa water quality sensors will not be compromised. At the same time, it reduces field maintenance and helps to save costs.”


To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Barnakil, Aanderaa Conductivity Sensor 4319 and a 3rd party Conductivity Sensor were tested in Socheongcho Ocean Research Station (ORS)  in the northwest coast of Korea. Aanderaa’s Conductivity Sensor was equipped with the Barnakil while the 3rd party sensor was not.

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