FLC1200 Isolated danger marine buoy

Your best ally for isolate dangers markings, the FLC1200 buoy has optimized performance regarding its small volume and benefits from FullOceans’ latest technologies: polyethylene shell, foam, 2 lifting points and 1 galvanized steel mooring eye, lifting handles, cast iron ballasts, removable mast, brush top mark.

The FLC1200 buoy is the smaller of FullOceans range with a diameter of 1,2 meters. The float and the removable mast are fully manufactured in polyethylene, and the structure is in galvanized steel. Very easy to deploy with the 2 lifting eyes, the removable cast iron ballast and large mooring point, this navigation aids buoy is the most cost effective product in the market! The FLC1200 buoy can be equipped with Carmanah Sabik self contained LED lanterns.


Structure, Lifting and Mooring Points: S235 galvanized steel
Float and mast: UV-stabilized Polyethylene high density, Icorene 3575 PE
Foam: Polyurethane 40 kg/m³
Colors:Pigments matching IALA specifications directly integrated into the polyethylene during rotational moulding for no painting ever.
Ballasts: Cast Iron
Topmark: Rigid PVC & Nylon
Radar Reflector (optional): Aluminium 5083/5086 marine grade
Eco friendly: Recyclable polyethylene. Heavy metal free. No ecological damages

Current: Up to 4 knots
Mooring chain (recommended): Open long link chains 5xD ND16, ND20 and ND25


All models are LED self-containing lanterns, manufactured by Carmanah (SABIK).

Available in Red, Green, White and Yellow according to the specification of each buoy.

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