Vaisala WXT530 Weather Station

Vaisala Weather Transmitter WXT530 series

is a unique collection of sensors that capture a combination of barometric pressure, humidity,

precipitation, temperature, wind speed, and wind direction readings ina compact, affordable package. The WXT530 Series utilizes solid state

technologies to minimize operating and maintenance costs. Integration is easy and flexible through the digital and analog interface, and you can

also connect third-party sensors to select WXT530 models to create your own system.

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WXT series Model Selection


Model Rain Wind PTU*
WXT531 X
WXT532 X
WXT533 X X
WXT534 X
WXT535 X X
WXT536 X X X

*PTU = Temperature, Humidity, Pressure


Key Specification


Barometric pressure range 600 … 1100 hPa
Accuracy Pressure 0 … +30 °C ±0.5 hPa
Relative Humidity range 0 to 100 % RH
Accuracy Humidity ±3 %RH at 0 … 90 %RH
±5 %RH at 90 … 100 %RH
Temperature range -52 … +60 °C
Accuracy Temperature at +20 °C ±0.3 °C
Wind speed range 0 … 60 m/s
Accuracy Wind ±3 % at 10 m/s
Wind direction 0 … 360°
Accuracy ±3.0° at 10 m/s
Precipitation, Collecting area 60 cm2
Field accuracy for daily accumulation 5 %, weather-dependent
Power Supply 6 … 24 VDC (−10 … +30 %)
Power Consumption Minimum: 0.1 mA at 12 VDC
Measurement Parameters Barometric pressure, Relative humidity, Air temperature, Wind, Precipitation
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