Vigo – Underway Profiling Winch

 These features include: 

a) Integrated control and operation software that runs on the winch and is accessed through a web browser. 

b) Built-in GPS receiver. 

c) A boom carrying the line sheave that can be extended over the stern for deployment of the profiler, or retracted for access to the sheave and profiler on completion of the series of casts; no swiveling platform is needed. 

d) A line-limit tube and switch mechanism to alert the operating software that the profiler is very close to the line sheave. 

e) Audible and visual warnings prior to any automatic movement of the winch. 

 Vigo – Underway Profiling Winch 

The Vigo profiling winch simplifies the task of repeatedly deploying a sound velocity profiler or other instrument , either from a moving or stationary vessel, eliminating the need for an operator to manually collect profiles from the rear deck. It can also be configured for use from unmanned surface vessels (USV’s). 

The winch control software allows profiles to be collected manually, when required, or automatically based on distance or time interval. It is a self-contained system, requiring only single phase 230v power, and a wired ethernet connection to operate. The winch incorporates several features designed to make its installation easier and its operation simpler and more reliable. 



Line capacity 

500m of 2.5mm diameter Dyneema or equivalent 

Maximum profiler weight 


Dimensions, boom retracted 

625mm (L) x 326mm (W) x 392mm (H) 

Length when boom extended 




Power requirement 

220-240VAC, 1kW max 


10/100 Ethernet, IP address assigned by DHCP 

Temperature, operating 

-5 to +45 degrees centigrade 


non-operating -20 to +55 degrees centigrade 

IP rating 

IP 66 

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